Erasmus Yabancı Dil Sınav Örneği




1- . sorularda boşluğu dolduracak en uygun seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. Thank you for letting me know about this birthday wish of _________.

a. him

b. me

c. your

d. his

  1. She _________ strictly since Christmas and so far she _________ eight kilos.

a. was dieting/loses

b. dieted/loses

c. has been dieting/has lost

d. is dieting/lost

  1. As the president _________ the hall, all the guests _________ to their feet to welcome him.

a. was entering/has risen

b. entered/rose

c. is entering/rise

d. has entered/were rising

  1. In parts of Africa, women still _________ water a long way to their village.

a. used to carry

b. might carry

c. have to carry

d. must have carried

  1. Would you mind  _________ your cigarette smoke in my face? It’s getting on my nerves.

a. not blowing

 b. not to blow

c. not blow

d. didn’t blow

6.  My aunt, _________ son-in law is the managing director of a large company, has been to a  

     garden party at Buckingham Palace.

a. whose

  b. which

c. whom

d. who

7.  We sometimes spend a week in a cottage in Wales _________belongs to a friend of mine.

a. where

    b. whose

c. that

d. how

8.  _________ being an accomplished artist, Leonardo da Vinci was also a sculptor, an architect

     and a man of science.

a. In order to

    b. However

c. Not only

d. Besides

9.  His parents were happy that he managed to gain a university degree _________ his  handicap.

a. thus

    b. despite

c. though

d. provided

10. Spiders _________ by many people, but most of them _________to be harmless.

a. had feared/were known

b. are feared/are known

c. have been feared/knew

d. will be feared/know

11. If he _________ in the woods at that particular time, he _________ the suicide.

a. wouldn’t be/hadn’t witnessed

b. weren’t/hasn’t been witnessing

c. wasn’t/ought not to witnessed

d. hadn’t been/wouldn’t have witnessed



12.-17. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


12. Owing to the disagreements between the two banks, the meeting was ______________ until further notice. 

a. made up

b. put off   

c. looked after

d. thrown away


13. Although local people speak a different language, English is the ______________ language of law and education in many countries.


a. official

b. native

c. mother

d. informal


14.  Susie lent Jim her book, and ____________ he let her borrow his computer game.

a. on average

b. at least

c. in return

d. for instance


 15. The doctor advised his patient to ______________ another expert if he required a second opinion.


a. consult

b. introduce

c. test

d. examine


16. The public decided to ____________ the police in their hunt for the criminal.

a. attach

b. join

c. connect

d. add


17. Oh no, I can’t face the thought of today’s maths lesson - one hour of total ____________!

a. education

b. intellect

c. presence

d. boredom



18.-20. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

18. Işıklarda beklerken, arabamın yanındaki taksiden bir adam çıktı ve silahını bana doğrulttu.


a. The man who was pointing his gun at me had got out of the taxi next to my car while waiting at the lights.

b. While waiting at the lights, a man got out of a taxi next to my car and pointed his gun at me.

c. A man got out of a taxi next to my car and pointed his gun at me for I was waiting at the lights.

d. While I was waiting at the lights in my car, a man got out of the taxi in order to point his gun at me.


19. Haberlerden uçak kaçırma olayını duydum ve erkek kardeşimin yolcu listesinde olup olmadığını öğrenmek için hemen havayolunu aradım.


a. Because I heard about the hijack on the news, I phoned the airline immediately to learn where my brother was.

b. After I heard about the hijack on the news, I phoned the airline immediately to learn about my brother who was on the passenger list.

c. On hearing about the hijack on the news, my brother who was on the passenger list phoned the airline immediately.

d. I heard about the hijack on the news and phoned the airline immediately to check if my brother was on the passenger list.


20. Ne kadar az ortak yanlarının olduğunu düşündüğümde, nasıl iyi anlaştıklarını anlayamıyorum.


a. Even if they have very little in common, I can understand how they get on well with each other.

b. They get on well with each other although they have been considered to have little in common.

c. I can’t understand what they have in common and how they get on well with each other.

d. Considering how little they have in common, I can’t understand how they get on well with each other.


21.-23. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.


21. In our rapidly-changing society, we see that our dependence on our traditions is gradually decreasing.

a. Toplumumuzda en hızlı gerçekleşen değişimlerden biri de geleneklerimize olan bağlılığımızın azalmasıdır.

b. Hızla değişmekte olan toplumuzda, geleneklerimize olan bağlılığımızın giderek azaldığını görmekteyiz.

c. Toplumumuzun hızlı bir şekilde değişmesiyle birlikte geleneklerimize verdiğimiz önemin de azaldığı görülmektedir.

d. Görülen o ki, toplumumuzun hızla değişmesi giderek geleneklerimize olan bağlılığımızın azalmasına neden olacak.


22. Do not take any sleeping pills unless you are sure that they are compeletely harmless.


a. Uyku ilacı almadan önce, zararlı olup olmadığını mutlaka araştır.

b. Herhangi bir uyku ilacını almadan önce, tamamen zarasız olduğundan emin olmalısın.

c. Zararsız oldukları kesin olarak ispatlanmamış hiçbir uyku ilacını almamalısın.

d. Tamamen zararsız olduğundan emin olmadıkça hiçbir uyku ilacını alma.


23. Experts, having investigated last week’s plane crash, have determined the cause of the disaster to be the pilot’s lack of experience.


a. Geçen haftaki uçak kazasını soruşturan uzmanlar, felaketin nedenini pilotun deneyimsizliği olarak belirlediler.

b. Uzmanlara göre geçen haftaki uçak kazası pilotun deneyimsizliğinden kaynaklanmış olabilir.

c. Uzmanlar geçen haftaki uçak kazasına kesinlikle pilotun deneyim yetersizliğinin yol açtığını ileri sürüyorlar.

d. Geçen haftaki uçak kazasının nedenini araştıran uzmanlar, felaketin pilotun deneyimsizliğinden kaynaklandığını söylediler.



24-27. sorularda duruma uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.                                                                                                        24. In one of the conversations with your friends, he says that his elder brother has warned him not to eat hamburger at Roger’s restaurant, adding that he didn’t get any answer to the reason for this, though he asked several times. In order to draw a logical conclusion, you say to your friend:


a. Your elder brother might think that fast food restaurants spoil people’s health.

b. I think your elder brother demands that you eat healthy food at home.

c. Your elder brother must have tried that hamburger before, if he has warned you.

d. To tell the truth, there are other restaurants which serve more delicious hamburgers.


25. You and your wife are on holiday. You have booked a safari tour to a forest far away from the city. On the morning of the tour, you meet a family friend and he invites you on a boat trip, which seems more fun. You ask the tour guide:

a. Is it possible to go to the forest by boat instead of by bus?

b. Could you possibly change the tickets for another day?

c. How long does it take to go the forest?

d. Why don’t you join us for a boat trip? We are sure it will be fun.


26. While waiting in the queue in order to get your monthly salary in front of the bank, you notice that a man is trying to enter the queue, so you find it necessary to warn him because you think he must be respectful to other people’s rights, so you warn him to give him a lesson:


a. If you want to be respected, you have to be respectful to others at first.

b. I think you cannot get your salary today because this queue is very long.

c. Look! The man over there is trying to enter the queue. I think we should warn him.

d. There are many people in the queue today because this is the last day when salaries are delivered.


27. After watching the film that your close friend, Brian suggested, you encounter him and he asks whether the film affected you or not and in response you state that it deeply did, saying:

a. Generally speaking, the film was good, but it was not so good as you said.

b. I cannot make any comment on the film because I couldn’t understand anything.

c. I was moved by the film so much that I couldn’t help shedding tears.

d. Brian, to tell the truth, your interest in films does not match mine.



28-31. sorularda diyaloğu tamamlayan doğru seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

28.    Police Officer: Mr. Cohen, you’re under arrest.

  Cohen            : Damn! What’s the charge?

         Police Officer: .........................................  .


a. You look awfully funny in those clothes.

b. This is not the first time you’re doing this.

c. I don’t think you will be able to afford it, boy!

d. Non-payment of federal income tax.


29.  John: Why doesn’t the government invest in nuclear power?

       Jane : .........................................  .

John: I suppose you’re right, but it’s a good idea for countries which have energy shortage.


a. I’m not sure if it is a safe solution for a country like this in which the technology is so less developed.

b. What a stupid idea. It’s far too expensive to install, you know.

c. I hear that Bulgaria produces 60% of its energy from nuclear plants.

d. Nuclear power is reported to be risky even in the developed countries.





30.  James: Well, have you decided, Mary? I need to tell Jim and Brenda if we can make it.

       Mary : I’ve thought about it, James, but I really have a lot of work to do this weekend. Thanks  


       James: .........................................  .

Mary : No, thanks, James. It’s a tempting offer, but I really need to work on my research paper. We will go another time. 

a. How about going there just another time when you are available.

b. As you wish. But though you won’t come with me I will go anyway.

c. Oh! Come on, Mary! At least go down with me on Saturday-just for the day. We could be back by eleven.

d. Well, I am positive that they won’t be offended, if we miss it.


31.  Robert: Have you been following the developments in Iraq recently?

       Fred    : .........................................  .

Robert: I want to send someone to the conference there on new political developments. Would you be interested?

Fred    : I most certainly would.

a. No. I have lost interest in what’s going on there.

b. As a matter of fact I have. Why do you ask?

c. Are you referring to the recent parliamentary elections?

d. No. Keeping up with developments in the USA is as much as I can manage these days.



32-35. sorularda verilen cümlenin anlamca dengini bulunuz.

32. Each stage of a journey involving several flights is represented by a separate part of the ticket.

a. Passengers need to buy a new ticket for each additional flight in transfers.

b. There is a box on the flight ticket for each flight to be ticked by the conductor.

c. The flight consists of several stages each of which is shown on the ticket.

d. There is a separate part on the ticket to be used for each single flight.

33. Although African slaves were imported early into the state of Louisiana, it was not until the 18th century that their number increased dramatically. 


a. Despite their earlier arrival into the state of Louisiana, the number of African slaves did not show a rapid increase until the 18th century.

b. There was no rise in the number of African slaves in the state of Louisiana since their arrival in the 18th century.

c. The rise in the number of African slaves in the state of Louisiana affected the import of goods from Africa to a great extent.

d. Before African slaves infested the state of Louisiana in the 18th century, their  number in the state multiplied rapidly.


34. It’s no use expecting someone else to complete the term paper for him; he must do something about himself. 

a. He, in vain, expects others to write the term paper by giving up their jobs for him.

b. He will never get term paper done unless he sets about getting one himself and not leaving it to other people.

c. As he doesn’t want the job himself, he might as well let someone else have it.

d. You shouldn’t force anyone else to write the paper if you aren’t willing to take on yourself.

35. The leaders of many EU countries are of the decision that firm measures must be taken to stop the international terrorism.

a. Many of the EU countries agree that it is essential to take strong action to put an end to the international terrorism.

b. The international terrorism can only be prevented provided that many EU countries follow the same policy.

c. Through the application of drastic precautions, it is generally decided by the   EU countries that the international terrorism has to be prevented.

d. Due to the international terrorism, many EU countries find it necessary to develop new strategies.



36-38. sorularda paragrafta anlamı bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

36. (I) The marriage of Diana to Prince Charles in 1981 brought pageantry and renewal to the British monarchy.  (II) After searching the world over, the prince had finally found a girl good enough to be his princess. (III) In seeing Diana marry the prince, the fairy tale fantasy of millions of people throughout the world was fulfilled. (IV) That story about the prince arriving on his white horse was true after all. (V) Diana loved another man passionately.

a. IV

b. III

c. V

d. I


37. (I) Color blindness is a genetically caused condition in which a person cannot detect all colors.  (II) The defect is more common in men than in women in the US. (III) Most colorblind people can see only two basic colors, and they tend to confuse other colors, especially red with green. (IV) This impairment can bring about problems because many colorblind people do not realize that their eyesight is defective. (V) They have learned to use the color names that everyone else uses, and they are not aware that they don’t see the colors that others see.

a. V

b. I

c. IV

d. II


38. (I) Currently there has been a noticeable drop in applications for MBA courses in the USA.  (II) If the economy picks up, the situation could change. (III) This is partly because fewer people can afford the annual tuition fee. (IV) Partly also, because new visa restrictions are making it harder for foreigners to apply. (V) But most important of all, one is no longer sure of landing a well-paid job on graduation.


a. V

b. II

c. IV

d. III



39-50. soruları parçalara göre cevaplayınız.

Text 1

Cricket is an elaborate bat - and ball game; first played in England in Tudor times and has spread as a major sport throughout the Commonwealth. The principles are basically simple, but the laws - first drawn up in 1744 - are complicated. The game is usually played by 2 teams of 11 on a field of unspecified size with 2 wickets. The teams decide by tossing a coin whether to bat or to field. Members of the batting side endeavor singly to defend each wicket from attack by the fielding side's bowlers - players who attempt individually to trap the batsmen by delivering a regulation ball in a manner defined in the laws.




39. Cricket ____________

a. is now played in England and all over the world.

b. has spread in countries where Britain was influential.

c. has been played only in Tudor times.

d. is a game whose rules have been drawn up recently.


40. In 1744, ____________

a. Englishmen first started to play cricket.

b. the principles of cricket were simplified.

c. the laws of cricket were made more complicated.

d. the law s of cricket were arranged and decided on.


41. Cricket is played by____________­

a. 22 people on a field - the limits of which is not fixed.

b. 22 people on a field - the limits of which is fixed.

c. 11 people on a field - the limits of which is specified by wickets.

d. two teams of 11 players on a football field.


42. The batting side____________

a. endeavors to toss a coin.

b. endeavors to attack the wickets.

c. attempts to defend the wickets.

d. does everything to help the batsmen.


Text 2

The tap dancer like the flamenco performer is basically an improviser. Thus looking at tap one wants to savor the personality and inventiveness of the individual. When Bill Robinson danced in the movies, his technical skill and sophisticated rhythms could be heard as well as seen. The Nicholas Brothers ran up walls of the theater or jumped off platforms and landed in splits on the floor. Peg Leg Bates, who had lost a leg, made a specialty out of dancing with his wooden leg. Sandman Sims scattered (spread) sand on the floor (as Fred Astaire did in one of his films) and tapped ever so softly, slid and turned in dances as relaxing as lullabies.   


43. According to the passage, in what way is a flamenco dancer similar to a tap dancer?

a. Both perform the same kinds of steps.

b. Both rely on individual inventiveness.

c. Both are trained in classical techniques

d. Both make very little noise.


44. An acrobatic style of dancing was most closely associated with which of the following performers.

a. Peg Leg Bates

b. Bill Robinson

c. The Nicholas Brothers

d. Fred Astaire


45. Which two dancers used sand in their routines?

a. Robinson and Sims

b. The Nicholas Brothers

c. Bates and Robinson

d. Sims and Astaire


46. The author implies which of the following about tap dancing?

a. It is more complex than flamenco dancing.

b. It is meant to be heard as well as seen.

c. It became popular primarily because of the movies. 

d. It should be performed by at least two people.


Text 3

Book publishers and motion – picture producers do not depend on only advertising for their incomes. In addition to *revenue from direct sales, publishers receive royalties when one of their books is adapted for use in another medium. Motion picture revenues derive from the theater box office and from the sale of movies to television. And sometimes an original movie script is sold to publishers. Today, U.S book publishers produce over 800.000.000 books annually, worth $2.450.000.000. Text books and reference books accounted for more than half the sales. In specialized book publishing, one of the largest operations is the publication of subscription – reference books, encyclopedias, for instance. 

*revenue =total income

47. What does annually (line 5) mean?

a. every year

b. for a period of time

c. especially

d. effectively


48. It is clear in the passage that advertising ____________­

a. is the most effective source of income for  book publishers and motion - picture producers.

b. makes up the highest proportion of book publishers and motion – picture producers.

c. brings no less money than direct sales to book publishers and motion – picture producers.

d. is not the only source of income for book publishers and motion – picture producers.


49. It is obvious in the passage that an original movie script ____________­

a. may be a way of income.

b. is difficult to write.

c. made a profit of $2.450.000.000.

d. takes a long time to adapt for use on TV.


50. Most selling books in the U.S are ____________­

a. subscription – reference books and encyclopedias.

b. worth less than $

c. textbooks and reference books.

d. immediately advertised on TV.



























20. D







27. C

28. D

29. A

30. C

31. B

32. D

33. A

34. B

35. A

36. C

37. D

38. B

39. B

40. D

41. A


43. B

44. C


46. B

47. A

48. D

49. A